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22 Ağustos 2012 Çarşamba

About That Tumblr Post

Firstly,I must say something ,my english is not good sorry But I felt to write my feeling about that tumblr post

Someone wrote on tumblr about mahalo brings out the acgae,I saw this post today.One friend said to me when she posted this fist time she  added JJ bias's tweets on this post after that she deleted those. I dont know she added whose tweets. Now I must say something about this. And I want to explain my feelings. I am Jaejoong fan from 2008 you know In 2008,there wasnt a group called as a JYJ. They were in DBSK. After SM events they left ,and they formed JYJ. From that day to now I supported Jaejoong.Because I love his everything. and I will always support Jaejoong. I am from Turkey. I am far from him. So I just attended Berlin concert. Why did I go berlin concert ? Because of Jaejoong. I wanna see him on stage.Before that concert, I just can see him on Youtube or another videos.Why I said all of those?Because I want to explain my evolution.

 Last days you know many Jaejoong fans dont like Mahalo PB ,same like me. I bought this with my Japan friends.Because turkey customs is really strange ,They dont allow to buy anything over 94 usd. U know that phobook's price with shipping is about 114 usd. So my Japan friend helped to buy this to me.I am thankfull to my friend (Mayu chan).First time I was be confused to buy that photobook because I dont trust Cjes. I know you will say this now "How you cant trust Cjes?" or "Youre not fan". Now Listen to me I support him always but if his agent make mistakes to him ,I cant stand this. This is my mind. You can ignore this. So I thought this, before I bought.But I wanted see his pics So I bought that photobook.But after they shared this pics from that photobook.

( I am sorry I saved this pics but I forget credit  of this pics.)

After we saw those pics,we shocked. And we complained about this on twitter. Maybe you know this,But I must reminder,Twitter is a social platform.You can share everything on twitter .Anybody dont blame about this. But someone blamed us as a acgae.

Anyway,I learned one thing from my friend ( I will not give her name,sorry) she said to me they made this for YC 's one pic and JS's one pics too.But Jaejoong's six pics are same like this .You cant see Jaejoong on this pics. I am Jaejoong Fan,and I bought that PB for just Jaejoong.So I dont care YC or JS pics( I mean ,JJ pics are important for me Dont minunderstand this thanks ),But Their fans have rights too. Same like us.They can complain about this if they dont like PB too. So I am right to complain about this for myself. 

But you cant blame me or my friends as acgae. this is normal ,I paid my money for this. So I wanna have professional product. And 114 usd isnt cheap for me  as a turkish money. 

And many Jaejoong Fans are right too same like me, maybe u know ,But I will said again, earning money is not easy. So always customers wanna have good products. and They have right to complain when they had a problem. I know you wanna always protect Cjes,I respect your decision. I didnt blame u Never!But You must respect our feelings about this.You cant blame any Jaejoong fans as a acgae. We are not Haters.All of those are our prefer.We didnt write to hate message to YC or JS too. We just love Jaejoong.

And she wrote this => if it continues, she will repost them. Ok You can make this again But it will just unfair for Jaejoong fans.You cant blame anyone without proof. if someone send hate message to members, or spread fake rumours ,You can blame them but this situation is different from that.

I hope you can understand this and I hope you can respect another decision. 

I will not give her post in my blog I dont wanna share in here because I dont like it.If you wanna find, you can search on google,I am sure you can find. 

P.S: Anyway I will not give her bias name or her twitter. Because I dont wanna start another fanwar, I wanna write this Because I felt pain when I read that post.

I hope I can tell my feelings . I am sorry my english isnt enough for me .

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